Illustration Portfolio

Book Illustrations, these are based of various Jules Verne Extraordinary Adventures, More information about project: Here
Watercolor & Pen, 2015-2016


Prevention of Prenatal Smoking Ad (illustration)
Watercolor, 2015
Spot Illustrations, More information: Here
Micron Pen & Ballpoint Pen, 2015-2016
Pattern Portraits, More information about project : Here
Watercolor & Pen, 2014-2015
Zoo Stamps, More Information: Here
Gouache & Digital, 2015.
Animal Wine Series, More information: Here
Collage / Drypoint Printmaking / Pen&Ink, 2016
Cyclist Logo and Poster, More information: Here
Screen Printing, 2016
Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival 2016 Poster, More information: Here
Nontoxic Drypoint Monoprint, 2015
Drypoint Animals, More information: Here
Nontoxic Drypoint Monoprints, 2016
Transitioning Faces, More information about project : Here
Pencil, 2014
From Nature, More information about project : Here
Left top: Pencil, 2014; Left bottom: Gouache, 2014; Right: Watercolor, 2014