Ode to the Metal Boxes with Wheels


Watercolor, 10 inches by 7 inches, 2016

A small tribute to all the cars that have been in my life this past few years.  Rochester, NY survives nearly half a year with snow and with most of the public transportation system lying inside of the city it is quite difficult to get around town without a vehicle.  For all those who lent me a car, carpooled, or provided a ride, I must thank them for warming, protecting, and carrying me from place to place.  With all the time spent within their car’s toasty interiors, many memories have been made with family and friends.

Each piece below is filled with small stories about a specific car of which I was a passenger.  Beginning with a loose sketch of moments and ideas from adventures the car lent us, I then elaborate focusing more on creating a balanced composition.  Gradually certain elements become more detailed while others fade and become simplified, much like a memory.

These stemmed from my Mapping Corridors project : Here

Newest project of my Journals: Ode to the Metal Boxes with Wheels